James Adomian On The Real Thoughts of The Sheriff of Nottingham


First off, if you haven’t seen James Adomian, then please make your life better and go see him wherever he’s playing ASAP. Second, here’s a snippet of his bit about gay villains, specifically the Sheriff of Nottingham, which, if you also haven’t seen, we feel sorry that you’re really missing out.

Well, well, well, well, WELL!

This is part of the Sheriff of Nottingham/Gay Villains bit from one of my album tapings last summer in Brooklyn.

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Chicago! Queer Comedy! Zanies!


Pucker up, Chicago - I’m already wasted!

Well pals, spring is finally here and isn’t it downright ZANY?!? I’m in town all week, doing Adam Guerino’s QUEER COMEDY show this Tuesday 3/26 PLUS a full headlining week of 7 shows after that - all at Zanies Comedy Club!

Queer Comedy @ Zanies
8:30pm TUE 3/26
with Adam Guerino and Candy Lawrence!

Zanies Comedy Club
7 shows WED 3/27 - SAT 3/30!


And as always, I give you my Adomian Guarantee: You will laugh at least ONCE, either during the show or afterward, to yourself, bitterly.

National Affairs Desk: Interview Excerpt

Original interview transcript from last week in the Bloomington Herald-Times (paywall):

Q: Being gay, do you think it remains difficult to come out in this business, even today?
A: Oh my living God. You just outed me. You outed me in print!

Q: But you talk about being gay in your act. There’s interviews and videos all over YouTube. Aren’t you already “out”?
A: I may have talked about being gay on stage or TV, but that’s just my public persona. Personally, in my real life, I’m in the closet.

Q: So you talk in public about being openly gay, but in private you’re still in the closet?
A: That’s correct. I am openly gay in public, openly closeted in private.

Q: That sounds insane.
A: Some might say heroic.

Q: Why would you go to the trouble of coming out of the closet, just to go back in?
A: To get famous. People in the closet always get big TV and movie deals. So I’m going back in the closet to cash in.

Q: If that works, and you become famous, would you then come out of the closet again later on?
A: Definitely, but only when I’m old and gray, so as not to interfere with any “leading man” roles. That’s how the closet works: You stay in as long as it pays off, then you make a big splash coming out once you’re past your prime. I’m not some idiot: I know how to play the game.

Q: Most people don’t want to talk about being in the closet — what’s it like?
A: I get mad pussy. Mad sick impossible levels of pussy.