Chicago! Queer Comedy! Zanies!


Pucker up, Chicago - I’m already wasted!

Well pals, spring is finally here and isn’t it downright ZANY?!? I’m in town all week, doing Adam Guerino’s QUEER COMEDY show this Tuesday 3/26 PLUS a full headlining week of 7 shows after that - all at Zanies Comedy Club!

Queer Comedy @ Zanies
8:30pm TUE 3/26
with Adam Guerino and Candy Lawrence!

Zanies Comedy Club
7 shows WED 3/27 - SAT 3/30!


And as always, I give you my Adomian Guarantee: You will laugh at least ONCE, either during the show or afterward, to yourself, bitterly.

Friday Podcasts with James Adomian!

Podspots from today, yesterday and last week! Onward to 1989!

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A Pride Month character parade, climaxing with Pastor Fred Phelps!

The Todd Glass Show - Ep. 49 (Gary Gulman & Daniel Kinno)
Podcast debut of the Tom Leykis intro I did back in 2006!

Sklarbro Country - Ep. 97 Self Cheerleader (Morgan Murphy)
Call-in at the end as Virgin founder and evil billionaire Richard Branson!

Probably forgetting something from New York - oops!