If you’re a Southern California native, you’re hopefully familiar with the wonderfully bizarre world of Huell Howser, former host of California’s Gold (he just retired), person most excited about literally anything just because it exists. We’ve seen Howser interview people that sleep in…

Played a whole buncha characters for the “pledge drive” episode of the fantastic satirical public radio podcast, This American Wife. These guys do an amazing show.

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This American Wife Episode 31 - James Adomian

“Pledge Drive” - This episode, you’ll hear the best shows that public radio has to offer. Award-deserving programs like “All Things Ill-Considered,” featuring interviews with Christopher Hitchens, Alan Watts, and Huell Howser. “Do You Have a Point” with presidential candidate Ron Paul. “The Shriek of Young America” with Arianna Huffington. Finally, we welcome “WTF” to our fold as Marc Maron interviews radio legend Joe Frank. And more! Please give, won’t you?

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