NYC: Conspiracy Theory Live - TUE 6/26

Conspiracy Theory Live with Jesse Ventura
9:30 p.m. Tuesday 6/26 at UCBeast (East Village)

Join The Governor as he uncovers what’s really happening, with experts David Icke, G. Gordon Liddy, plus James Adomian, Anthony Atamanuik, Jermaine Fowler, Yannis Pappas, John Roy, Dan Soder and more surprises!

(photo: Ambria Cone/ poster: Jim Van Blaricum)

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    I’m definitely going. I fucking love James Adomian’s Jesse Ventura.
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    Don’t miss this show, NYC. It’s a sure thing. James Adomian is a freaking genius.
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    NYC! DCM Week is upon us! Start your marathoning early and go to this!!
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